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Garage Door Service in Burlingame, CA

Are you in desperate need of garage door service, top of the line service, friendly service? Garage Door Repair of Burlingame, CA has a team committed to excellent garage door services in the Burlingame area. The services we offer range from maintenance and repair to emergency service.

Can I Service My Own Garage Door?

Servicing your own garage door may sound like a good idea but unless you have had some garage door training it is not a good idea. There are a few things you can do if your door breaks down. These things are not too involved and generally, do not affect your safety:

  • Visually inspect your garage from top to bottom.
  • Inspect the tracks and look for objects or things blocking the rollers from moving. Look for dents and if you find a small one you can knock it back into place with a hammer.
  • Check your eye sensors for mud or dirt. Mud that is covering your garage door will prevent it from opening.
  • Inspect the bottom of your garage door. Look for a damaged or missing seal around the bottom of the door.

If you do not feel comfortable inspecting your garage door then please call us. We want to assist you in any way we can.

The Importance Of Maintaining Your Garage Door

Garage door maintenance is very important to extend the life of your garage door. We feel that you need to keep up with it just as you would your car to keep it running to its highest ability. Your garage door is given a range of years as its life expectancy but if you do not take care of it you can cut those years by a lot unintentionally.

If you do decide to have yearly maintenance on your garage door you could actually extend that range of time. It will help to keep your door running at its best and smooth as ever. You will find that routine maintenance will cut emergency service calls as well.

What To Expect From Our Maintenance Service

When our technicians come out they will explain everything to you so you’re not in the dark. They will then thoroughly inspect your garage door for anything that is out of the ordinary and let you know so you are fully aware of what is happening. Things like loose or rusted hardware will be tightened or replaced.

We lubricate all the moving parts to keep them moving smoothly and reduce wear and tear. The springs, rollers, cables will all be examined for damage. We tune up the garage door and by the end of the visit, your garage door will be good as new and running better than ever.

Call Our Friendly Team For Service

We are an outstanding company with outstanding standards and employees that live to serve the Burlingame area. Garage Door Repair is here to answer all of your garage door questions and to offer solutions to all of your garage door services. We are excited to hear from you, schedule your garage door service today!

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